UN MEC SYMPA (funding)


Former junior finalist at Roland Garros, but especially former thief of jewels and burglar of museum of watchmaker's shop, Manu Bonal is on parole and he swore he would never go back to prison. He is very satisfied as a tennis teacher in a sporting Club near Cannes. Regrettably, his councilor of insertion and probation imposes the following market to him: either he breaks again in a museum, or he returns to prison, with a fake, but weighed down file.

Besides that dishonest state employee, he is going to meet an aesthetic surgeon who blackmails his rich patients, a Serbian war criminal reconverted in human beings' trade, the driving forces of a bus of assistance to the prostitutes, an unreliable Monaco antique dealer; a Rumanian clandestine immigrant who dreams to become Scarface and an especially charming and roguish employee of the penitentiary administration.


Writers: Ludi BOEKEN, Heidrun SCHLEEF, Martin RAHIN, Sophia ARAM et Benoit CAMBILLARD

Based on Laurent CHALUMEAU's novel (Grasset editions)

Director : Ludi BOEKEN