People following the entertainment industry news is aware of the number: Andre Rieu is the world’s most successful male touring artist in the world.

Until now, the one thing missing in this success story was a feature film. The Great Waltz, English-language comedy, will fill that gap.

In this comedy, the intervention of a guardian angel results in André Rieu finding himself in the capital of classical music, Vienna of 1875, in the home of Johann Strauss Jr as a lackey. Yet he quickly improves his status and Strauss eventually asks him to stand in for him, disguised as Strauss.

A fairytale comedy, close to comic opera, aimed at Rieu’s fans and anyone who likes big music and dance films, with flamboyant sets and costumes and audacious choreography.

With this music and dance comedy for the entire family, this spectacular movie, Rieu will bring his magnificent entertainment to the cinema.


The Great Waltz will be written and directed by Leon de Winter (De grens,The Hollywood Sign).

Coproduction with H de Winter en Zonen BV (Pays-Bas)

Distributor Universal International