FIFTY-FIFTY (funding)


After 17 years in the USA, Kinu arrives her African village a stranger. She left as a ten year old on a scholarship that her father help secure. Now, even before she settles down on her first day back, Kinu learns that her mom’s house was taken away when her dad died because women don’t inherit property. Adding insult to injury, Kinu can’t give her dad a proper burial unless the compound is theirs.

She bent on recovering her mom's seized house ends up leading a women's rebellion against her African village chief and his chauvinist men.

The colorful backdrop of Africa sets the stage for both a song and dance bonanza and a very emotional journey.


Named one of Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Independent Filmmakers to watch, Victor Viyuoh wrote and directed the short Mboutoukou which was filmed entirely on location in Cameroon, Africa.

Coproduction with les Films 2 Cinéma (Belgium) and Fintu Films (Cameroon)